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Emergency Telephone Numbers (free Assistance)

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Emergency number 112 for the rescue service and fire brigade/service 

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In case of accidents, fires or when life is in danger (heart attack/heat stroke).

  • Emergency Call
    Rescue service and fire brigade (only in German)

    +49 112

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Details you should provide during an emergency call

  1. Where has the accident happened?
  2. What has happened?
  3. How many people are injured?
  4. What injuries have occurred?
  5. Wait for further questions. Do not hang up!

112 Reporting a Fire 

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The fire brigade/service rescues people in an emergency. The fire brigade/service comes when there is a fire. 

  • Emergency Call
    Rescue service and fire brigade (only in German)

    +49 112

110 Police 

The police will help you if you need protection, for example in the case of criminal offences, if you are in danger or if someone is threatening you. Or if you see that someone else is in danger.

116117 in case of Illness 

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You or someone else needs medical help. The situation is not life-threatening – and when the normal doctors' surgeries are closed (cold with a high temperature and pain/earache/backache ...).

Poison Control Centre 

If you think that you or someone in your team may have been poisoned, dial this telephone number (only in German).

  • Poison emergency Nordrhein-Westfalen (North-Rhine Westphalia)

    +49 228 19240

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When making an emergency call, answer the following questions

W h o ? 
Child or adult? – Age, sex, body weight  

W i t h   w h a t ?
Medicinal product, household product, chemical, plant, fungi, animal, food, drugs – read off the exact designation from the packaging if possible! 

H o w m u c h ?
Number of tablets, dragées (coated tablets), drops, etc. or other quantity details 

W h e n ?
Time of intake, length of exposure 

W h i c h ?
Signs of illness; condition of the person (breathing, circulation, state of consciousness)