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First Aid in the Company

First aid is an important topic and can save lives.

Look out for the following poster

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This is on display in the company. It shows you what to do in an emergency. Take a look at it in the company as soon as possible.

First Aiders

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These are employees in the company who are well acquainted with first aid. These employees have taken a first aid course. Every business must have first aiders. Ask your foreman or boss who that is. In an emergency the first aider has to be called immediately.  

First-Aid Kit

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This sign means: here is the first-aid kit with bandages and plasters. A box like this must be available in every vehicle. There is also one in the company.

If someone is injured, he or she can be bandaged with the material from the first-aid kit.

First-Aid Logbook

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If you have an accident at work, for example if you cut your hand with a knife, have the accident recorded in the first-aid logbook. If you become more seriously ill at a later time, e.g. inflammation develops because of the cut, then it is known that it happened at work. The first-aid logbook is usually in the office. Ask the foreman or the boss for it.

Escape Routes

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This sign shows you where to run in the case of danger. Get to a safe place immediately. The white arrows show you the right direction. You should also take care of your colleagues.